Pangolins- all-in-one hook arm CSJ400A
  • Pangolins- all-in-one hook arm CSJ400A
  • Pangolins- all-in-one hook arm CSJ400A
  • Pangolins- all-in-one hook arm CSJ400A
  • Pangolins- all-in-one hook arm CSJ400A

Pangolins- all-in-one hook arm CSJ400A

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40 Tons--CSJ400A



Weight: 18 T

Maximum digging depth: 2.3M
Product listBig arm (including hydraulic pipeline), forearm, bucket rod cylinder




Pangolin all-in-one hook arm subverts the working principle of traditional rock arm.The new working mode makes the hook machine faster, deeper and more powerful.Can be more confident in whatever conditions of mining operations.

This product cancels the bucket rod oil cylinder and the soil scraper of the traditional rock arm, and makes the forearm become an integrated digging and soil scraper device;Reduced maintenance costs, reduce failure rate, improve work efficiency.The digging depth can be more than 2 meters in the best working condition

The middle arm hydraulic cylinder independently developed by the company is specially tailored for pangolin one-piece hook arm.This technology uses double pumps, double valves and four channels to release the hydraulic flow of the excavator to the greatest extent and make the hydraulic cylinder work faster and stronger.



Advantages of the all-in-one rock arm:


Compared with the traditional rock arm, the all-in-one rock arm design eliminates the bucket oil cylinder and connects the forearm with the soil scraper to form an integral arm.

1. The forearm is cut from the whole piece of high-strength manganese steel, which reduces welding and processing, and the cost is lower.

2. The big arm no longer adopts the solid big arm, but adopts the hollow reinforced big arm, which reduces the weight and reduces the overall performance loss of the excavator.

3.The innovative design of integrated rock arm integrates the oil circuit of bucket oil cylinder and bucket rod oil cylinder into the pipe of bucket rod oil cylinder, which increases the overall flow rate of bucket rod oil cylinder, improves the strength of bucket rod oil cylinder, and increases the speed under certain conditions, without changing the hydraulic system of the excavator as a whole, resulting in lower loss and greater strength.


4.The plate thickness of the lower arm of the integrated rock arm is up to 30cm thick, which can adapt to more severe working conditions without quality problems and increase the service life of the rock arm.5. The structure of the soil ripper and the connecting rod of the rotating shaft is cancelled, so that the maintenance is more convenient, the failure rate is lower, and the driver is more relaxed.

Comprehensive strength

 The company is a technology company dedicated to exploring the construction path of earthwork engineering machinery. With a registered capital of 10 million yuan, it has rich experience in earthwork construction, integrates science and technology into reality, and solves the complex and changeable problem of earthwork engineering with simple and effective methods.Has been sold to more than 20 provinces and cities, comprehensive strength.


Superior quality


 After four years of research and development, we can strengthen the structural strength and performance of the excavator arm from the aspects of stress analysis, material selection, technology and process, design and production, etc., and the quality is excellent, which has been recognized and trusted by many customers.


Type specification


Including 30 tons, 40 tons, 70 tons of three series of products, the weight of products in the 15-29 tons, mining depth covers 0-2.6 meters, can meet the needs of all types of customers.


Favourable price


Factory direct sales, eliminating all the intermediate links, reduce the cost of sales, the higher quality of the integrated hook arm to the customer at the lowest possible price, cost-effective!


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